About the Doodler

Dwight Douglas was born in Pittsburgh, PA and attended Point Park University where he studied Journalism and Communication. He was a film-telecine technician on the PBS TV show Mister Rogers Neighborhood and he worked at the American Broadcasting Companies as they were developing their FM properties. Dwight was a worldwide radio consultant for 25 years and instrumental in recruiting and coaching high-profile radio morning shows, including Howard Stern. In 2000, Douglas moved to New York to become a marketing executive at a multinational software company. In that same time, he produced www.whackotv.com, a comedy web site, and throughout his career he has authored numerous screenplays, many magazine articles and several books. He is also a prolific doodler and cartoonist fueled by a twisted sense of hummus, which you will plainly see while visiting this site..

Doodler Douglas
First Artwork “Conducktor” 1959

These were my primary influences, Mad Magazine, my crazy family, and R. Crumb and Zap Comix:

Alfred, Sisters & Brothers & Zap!

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