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Too Much Catnip at Night
Morning Frog
Scarlet Mormon
Happy Sea Cow
My Snail Ate My Mood Ring
Licensed Squirrel Catcher
Goth Prom Corsage
Three Times Eight Equals 24
Free Willie
Cock of the Walk
Damn Duck Decoy
Mexican Alligator Lizard
Angry Teenager with Chicken
Time to Dig a Hole
Rare Elephant Fish
Adoptive Parent
Buster Crabbe 26 b.c
Luna Tick Moth
The Egg Birds
Robin Red Breast (non-binary)
The No No Bird
Bad Bird Puppet
Nobody’s Biting
Put Your Left Foot (s) In
We’re still bitches
Florida Tourist Reduction Act
Disco Frogs
Barney Became a Bee
Once You’re a Shark
Butterfly and the Mushroom
Cuban Tree Frog Smokin’
Ducks Love People Sauce
Really! An AR-15
Happy Turtle on the Beach
Get the whole set
Meeting Catfish 1974
Larry the Duck in Tux
Dressed Up Froggie Splat
Last Orangutans in Paris
Sextopus & Friends
AI Hummingbirds Are Here
Two Sleepy Dogs
Octopus man
Tighten up the Duck
Where’s the Butter?