Happiness is a Big Pickle
The Creature from California
Sorry, Mummy is Tied Up Right Now!
The Green Weenies Came Out of the UFO
Tough Times – Can of Worm
Mickey the Monkey says “Don’t Do Drugs!”
Opinions and Arguments
Accident at the Paint Factory
That Jackass at Work
Dancing AI Monkeys
Pat the Prostate (Educational Art)
She Came from the Sea
Southern QB (Millionaire)
Hanging Chads
Green Manalishi
Pride of the Sarasota School Board Bridget Z
Capt. Stupid, Ken Paxton, Texas
I Think He Needs Glasses
Christopher Meloni Snow Globe
Kenan Thompson Stars as MICKEY
Santa’s Mistress on a Shelf
Diet Time
Mr. Magneto
She’s Been Stringing Him Along
Mrs. Jolly Green Giant
Where the Hell Am I?
Proud of Being Bluish
Jail Bird
He Said He Was Vegan
Green With Envy
Free French Kiss Friday
Celebrity Bartender
Pigs, Elephants and Harmonicas
No ‘Roid Zone
Childhood Memories (RIP P.W.)
Unhappy Blue Blood
Head Clown at FOX (ode to warhola)
Reptiles on the Beach
Advanced Eqyptian Society
Beaver Clevage
Adolf the Tail Sniffer
Better Call Ted
Carrot Nose Joe
Going Behind His Back
Digital Doggie (More Fun, Less Poop)
Cereal Killer Lineup
Don’t Say Gay or Trans, I’m ART
Gay Eskimos & the Internet
Hot Air Balloon Man
Kids, Clowns and Geniuses
Larry the Bird in a Tux
Lisa Loopner Today
Really? An AR-15 (dick replacement)
Meeting Catfish Hunter 1974
Lucas in the Sky with Diamonds
More Blue, Than Mean
Painting by Numbers
Poor Old Gomez
Well, it offends me!
Super Fan! What the Puck!
Sandy Beach Reporting (Always with a smile)
Brain Doesn’t Matter