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The Dream Window creator has come up with what people will look like in the future. In fifteen years, the artists predicts that everyone will get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals by taking a big toke off the healthy pen, as see here. Catch the magic here.

Dream Window Goes Postal

There comes a time when every boy and man, woman and child, robot and medical cadaver has to speak truth to power. V. Putin is the target for killing innocent people and waging a war for no good reason.

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Faces Abstracts Visions & Illusions Doodles Cartoons Advertising Art Lost & Found Love Religious Residue Political Posters The medium used for many of these was water color pencil, modified with water and love. Some, like Doodles, Cartoons and Sketches were drawn with pen, pencil or marker. We attempted to put them into their like families, …