Doodles & Sketches

Class of 33
Deep Sea Fauna
Apes and Bombs
Donna Nuda Doodle
The Wedding Day
Laser Ice Fishing
Spring Will Return
Happy Corals
60s Perceptual Op Art
Which Doctor?
Christmas Shopping
Benito’s Last Campaign Appearance
Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle
Mr. Yellow Daisey
Snake & Snarl
Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Day
Make America Grape Again
Broccoli Robby with Cauliflower Ears
Baby Boo Bird
The Trevi Fountain – Sketches from Italy ’23
Cleo’s Back & Front
Mr. Romano (The Cheese Guy)
Urban Planning
Lou, My My Brown Eyed Girl
Big Hat Fan
The Jitterbug (1000X)
Restless Hand Syndrome
Gut Check
Alien Sex
Analog Man
Suck Down a Bum Beer
Dancing Lampshade
Dino, Demons, Sativa and Ringo
Eight Ball, Corner Pocket
Hug Me, Before You Drug Me
Lava Lamp, Black Light, Far Out!
Otto Patch & the Monkey
Prom Queen
Sade and the Circus
Stick it in your ear
The Clown Building
The Day Dr. Seuss Dropped Acid
Tin Man Coffee
Why the Dangling Vase?