Green Man, White Face
San Marino, Italy, Summer
Shelling on the Beach
When You’re A Shark…
Dressed up Froggie
Confirmed Stupid
John Eastman at the Rally
Totem Polarity
Block head Greene
Keep on Dancin’ Baby
From Doodle to Painting…
He changed when he got older
Digital Doggie
Ball & Pin
Yes, Jeremy, Winter is Coming
Mountain of Despair
He always hated the nickname
Queen’s Creative Kidney
I remember the day Dr. Seuss dropped acid
What is a Salad Gumby?
Think out of the box or can?
Pickled Herring Aids
Sade, the Circus, Together
Demanded an audition
Different Eight Ball

It’s a living…for a monkey

Clown, Clowns
Clown Building was an improvement

Even the Paul Newman look-alike ate there
A desert dessert

He finally moved out, thank God