Love & Lust

Love at First Fright
A Pirate’s Fantasy
Food Porn (Corn)
She Had to Watch
Heartless Trophy Wife
Stop in the Name of Love
Future Actor
Parole Hearing Support
Power Couple
Betsy and Bob’s High Tea
Blue Blown Hair Dry
She Always Overdressed
Greeting People – New Outfit
Christmas Mermaid
The First Kiss
The Pea Pod Princess
Oh Yeah, Right There
Vampire Alcoholic
The Farmer’s Daughter
With Open Arms
A Clean Woman
Carpet Matches the Drapes
Naked Farmer
So Much Between Us
The Power of Love
Nocturnal Entanglements
The Lovers
Big Hair, Big Ideas
Curves in her Curves
Bill & Monica
Party Girl
So Many Sockets, So Little Time
The Sun Bather
Wish You Were Here