My Buddy Pablo: Links to Originals

Table of Contents

Chapter # – Original Title Link – (Adaptation Name)

4. Femme à la Mandoline (Mandolin Girl)

5. Two Faces Black White (Sunglasses at Night)

6. Portrait of Daughter Maya (My Maya with Boat)

7. Jacqueline with Flowers (Wine in the Garden)

8. Friendship (Knight Before Battle)

9. Head of a Woman (Olga Picasso) 1935 (Masked Woman)

10. Marie-Thérèse (She Brought the Melons)

11. Portrait of Dora Maar (Big Chin Jar Face)

12. Buste de Femme Assise – Les Mains Sous le Menton (A Bouquet of Fingers)

13. Girl Before a Mirror  (Immaculate Deception)

14. Woman’s Head (The First Show)

15. Portrait of a Woman with a Hat (Crazy Reggae Face)

16. Femme au Collier Jaune (Pearl Necklace)

17. Buste Femme au Béret et à la Robe Quadrillée (Pablo’s Scottish Warrior)

18. Weeping Woman (Weeping Alarm Clock)

19. Blue Guitar (Blue Guitar – No Strings Attached)

20. Blue Nude (Big Hair on a Blue Beach)

21. Dessins pour Le Tricorne (The Pleasant Peasant)

22. Great Still Life on Pedestal (Olives & Pablo’s Fantasies)

23. Femme au Chignon dans un Fauteuil (The Material Girl )(

24. Tête de Femme (The Queen of Everything)

25. Breakfast 1953 (Mama Feeds the Boys Breakfast)

26. Portrait de Jacqueline de Face II (Big Earrings)

27. Head of a Woman 1961 (Fanatical Football Fan)

28. The Guitar (1913) (San Francisco, Where’s Your Disco)

29. Portrait de Face sur Fond Rose et Vert (Foot Fetish)

30. Femme Nue Couchée (The Muse and the Mentor & Pablo’s Muse Revisited)

31. Head of a Woman (I’m Watching You)

32. Les Dames De Mougins (The Old Green Deal)

33. Woman in a Blue Dress (Dora Maar) – (Crazy Lady in a Chair)

34. Musical Instruments (Penciled in Pregnancy)

35. Femme Accroupie (Crouching Woman Down on the Farm)

36. Le Rêve (Lady in the Pink Dress)

37. The Portrait of Dora Maar, 1938 (Funny Hat Girl)

38. Le Verre Taillé sur Fond Rose (Cut Glass on a Dirty Table)

39. Woman with Joined Hands (Dressed to the Nines at Seven)

40. Profil (1930) (Courtroom Sketch)

41. Face of Woman (Lady Big Mouth)

42. Intérieur Rouge avec un Transatlantique Bleu (Red Room with a Blue Chair)

43. Mandolin and Guitar (Party at Pablos)

44. Lampe Femme (She Woman, She Lamp)

45. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (Pablo’s Working Girls)

46. Paloma a l`Orange (Basket of Oranges)

47. Woman Sitting by a Window (American Horror Story)

48. L’Homme a la Guitare (Three Nights at the Cavern Club)

49. Young Boy with Lobster (Bottom Feeder)

50. Carnaval, 1958  (Let’s Go to Mardi Gras!)

51. Lee Miller (Good & Plenty)

52. Guitare sur un Guéridon (Artistic Headstock)

53. Nue Allongée et Tête d’ Homme de Profil (Hot Bed of Passion)

54. Femme Assise à la Robe Bleue  (Seated Woman with Blue Rose)

55. On the Beach (La Baignade) (Nude Beach – Virginia Key)

56. Reading (Reading a Book)

57. Composition (Channeling Pablo)

58. Tête de Femme en Gris et Rouge sur Fond Ocre (The Head of a Woman)

59. Trois Femmes Jouant au Ballon sur la Plage (Naked Pizza Heads on the Beach)

60. Portrait de Femme au Béret Ecossais (Cute Girl in Big Purple Chair)

61. Visage II (Nice Nails)

62. Femme Assise (Sittting Shiva)

63. Dormeuse à L’Oreiller (Lesbians in Love)

64. Rooster, 1938 (Cock-a-Doodle Do)

65. Woman Wearing Hat (New Hat, Snail Face)

66. Portrait de Marie-Thérèse Walter à la Guirlande (Mistress with Garland & Rouge)

67. Jacqueline with Dice (Black) 1958 (Black Jackie & Craps)

68. Portrait de Femme (Less is More)

NOTE: These links take you to independent sites the author/artist cannot control or guarantee the quality of same. and Dwight C. Douglas claim no rights over these original works of art and these links are meant to be an educational guide for art lovers of the world. Some European sites will ask you to accept cookies to proceed. If you find any broken links, please report to us. Thank you for reading my book.

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