Latest Works of Art (New Stuff)

Here are the latest arrivals at and the links to see them in their departments. When you absolutely, positively need your free art, you need to open the dream window and take a gander, or a goose.

Innovations in swimwear come in and out like the waves. This exotic number is catching glances. See here.

Plastic See Through Swimwear

There are few truly original artists in the world, she is one of them. Frida, the painter, here.

Frida the Painter (1907 – 1954)

Of course once we get together with aliend there will be unearthly attractions. See one here.

Magnetic Attraction

The chemistry of love has never been fully understood, but hey, when love comes, grab it, here.

Love at First Fright

Wow, I had no idea that people from Congress consider this a sport. Look for yourself, here.

Butt Trumpets

If only our dear lost friends could speak from the grave. They would surely warn us of danger. See here.

Sammuel, You Unpatriotic Sack of Poop

Back in the day, a cowboy had a girl in every nook and cranny. Here’s his saloon lady, see here.

Jasper and Nell

The best thing about waking up, is to wake up. Then, some liquid motivation does the rest. See here.

Morning Motivation

People live alone and away from other people might feel safe, but are they really happy. See here.

The Fool on the Hill

The ancient goalie had to be tough and mean. This is the Medieval Goalie, see him here.

Medieval Goalie

When a pirate is on the land and dreaming, he sees his ship out on the open sea. See him here.

A Pirate’s Fantasy

Insects can do many things. Evolution lets them change colors and change the world right here.

Colorizing Spider

When you think about the words we use, and you see a picture, you are promoting surrealism. See here.

Three Squares a Day at the Perfume Factory

People know it’s just a date, but then, everyone only cares about themselves. See here.

Screw Birthdays

He sang about living and breathing underwater, maybe Jimmy knew something. See here.

Underwater Golf

Every face is different and every face has something that stands out. See what it is here.

Perfect Beauty Mark

If aliens are walking among us, they just might get pregnant while here. Take a look, here.

Pregnant Alien

When I was a kid I loved watching Hitchcock movies, even when they scared me to death. See here.

Watching Hitchcock

Not sure where they find these people on schoolboards, but the new crop are crap. See them here.


When a visual becomes an echo, one has to look again. See what we mean, here.

Clenched Teeth, Big Eyes

There is something about a successful woman turning heads and profits. See one here.

The Successful Woman

There is something exciting about tracing the pictures of a dream into a work of art. See one here.

Deep Roots in the Community

When you go out treasure hunting, you don’t expect to find a bowl from 1965, but hey, it’s here.

Sunken Treasure

When you are in the mood, everything in nature starts to look like something else. See what I mean, here.

Food Porn (Corn)

In history, gods come and go, but please, why did they throw Ra out, we need the sun. See last rally here.

Diminishing Support of Amun Ra

Some women work their hair and makeup, while others permit the spiders to work their magic. See here.

Duchess of Queensferry

A rock hit the windshield and created art, right before the artist’s face. See it here.

Broken Spirit

Here is what a rock can do when it hits a car going 5mph. Real photo.

There should be a place you can go when trouble lurks. And it would be called a SAFE ROOM. See.

The Safe Room

The best thing each morning is a hot cup of Joe and a flakey pastry to start the day. See some here.

Tribute to the Bakery

Some people hold that all wars eventually lead back to religion. Who is to say, but it’s always sad. See.

The Sadness of War

We are always afraid of other cultures, until we get to know them. Have a headache, see a doctor, here.

Which Witch Doctor

Fashion designers love the NYC Fashion Gala. They can do whatever they want. See a design here.

Fashion Gala

The flowers have personalities and if you ask them, they each have a name. Look at them here.

Brown Eyed Girl

Creativity is a great attribute of a small town, and the water tower stands above us all. See here.

Creative Water Tower

An artist is challenged greatly when painting themselves, but I think he nailed it with this one. See here.

Self Portrait 2024

Some broke into the art gallery and defaced the face. Sad day for art, but in some ways, it made it better, well you can see it here.

Self Portrait 24 Ver. 2
Outside Agitator

In the end, the job was too much for him, and he checked out of the hotel. See him here.

Traveling Salesman (Willy)

She saw it, and she couldn’t turn away. Some people just need to watch, see and experience, this.

She Had to Watch

There is something magical about that first bud, that flower, the pollen, the nasal drip. See here.

Spring Has Sprung

We never really know a person until you walk a mile in his shoes, hopefully, the right size, right here.

The Man from Over There

This is just a fancy way of saying the guy is a lowdown sleezy liar. We captured him here.

Hyopocriticus Slimeous Anura (Bill Barr)

Yes, we hear the voice activitated assistence, but now put a face to Alexa, right here.

AI Lamp

There have been student demonstrations and protests since the beginning of time. See one here.

Student’s Unrealistic Demands

Before there were cameras, we never knew what someone really looked like. Well, take a look.

John the Baptist (Date Night)

There were times when people didn’t see us when they talked on the phone. See here.

Before We Had Face Time

Imagine that big hand in the sky ending all wars. Nah… ain’t gonna happened. See him here.

Hand of God

Many people gravitate to things, and food, and certain ways of feeling secure. See his here.

Etch A Sketch and Celery Obsession

It’s always great to spend time in the sun and have fun in the sand. See us here.

Brilliant Beach Day

We don’t know what goes through an artist’s mind, until he commits those thoughts to paper. See here.

Marc Chagall’s Bad Dream

Why would they lock up a kid for doing bad things. What is this country coming to? See here.

Toddler Behind Bars (Outrageous)

On the moon, or mars, we will need to find some air to breath. It’s just what humans do, here.

Oxygen Sensor

The beauty in life can be taken away at any moment. Like the people of Maui learned, fire is bad. See here.

Then the Fire Came

When she walked into a room, all heads turned. She was the pearl of Africa. See here.

African Woman

There is something about painting your home town. You want to remember things you’ve forgotten. See here.

The Hill District

She hated the bath, but loved the little rubber play things. See her here.

Queen of Rubber Duckys

We can only wonder where they went, but for sure, this will be a DATELINE episode. See clues here.

Where are the Monkeys?

As a public figure, she gets as much as she gives, but being PRO-RUSSIAN is wrong. See it here.

Moscow Marjorie with Full Body Tattoo

Boy, what a life, just sitting in the middle of a bay. See him in his glory, here.

Sunset Buoy 24

I have no idea what this means either, but somewhere, someone knows. See the confustion here.

Red Lines and Umbilical Cords

Well, I am not sure it would survive a whole prom, but the effect was alarming. See here.

Goth Prom Corsage

Travel in Venice, Italy. And the pilots, the gondoliers, work hard for the money. See a boat here.

Gondolier’s Break -Fondamenta Pontinello – Burano, Italy

Even after she got all dolled up, she had to attend to her bees, her babies. See her here.

Stylin’ Beekeeper

If we don’t protect the coral, we are doomed to die. See the little guys alive and well, here.

Sacred Reef

Maybe artists reallly are different. This is what we see under a microscope. Focus here.

Artist’s Bloodstream

She was always a wild woman. She was invited to every party. See her here.

Wild Woman

There is a sense of desparation between these two lovers. One wants you to stay. See here.

Stop in the Name of Love

There is something wonderful about apples growing in Washington state. See them here.

Low Hangng Fruit

We never see where the rainbow goes, really, but maybe the sun will be hidden today. See here.

Pot at the End of the Rainbow

As the chemicals are released in the next phase, there are always conflict and clashes. See here.

Youthful Clashes

Yes, we all remember those classic rock album covers. Throw back Thursday, see here.

Who’s Next

Not sure how they grow them, but they love to drink Strawberry Daiquiri, is that the plural? See here.

Alien Strawberry

If you don’t finish the bottle, you must protect the wine. These guys promised to do that job. See here.

Fancy Wine Cork

It must have been the double scotch, everyone was looking at me. See them all here.

Bad Day at the DMV

Well, those Italians really know how to end a meal. Limoncello helps you deal with the pasta. See here.

Limoncello in an Orange Room

Everyone has experience that “first date” and some survive to date again. See one here.

The First Date

They are so cute, but those little arms can do some real damage. See them here.

Three Times Eight Equals 24

We now know they love watermelon, but hate our gravity and of course, the seeds. See him here.

Aliens Love Watermelon

Yeah, they said they were going up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Diving wasn’t mentioned, here.

Jack and Jill

After putting his dirty thumb in the pie, how would that make him a “good boy?” See him here.

Little Jack Horner

During Spring Break, the fish do get a bit crazy. They are always drinking. See them here, not!

A Wall to Keep the Fish Out

It’s always nice to have them around, after they traveled through the transition tunnel. See here.

Mom and Dad (Very Still Life)

Let’s face it, some people just look good on camera, young norma had that talent. See her here.

Future Actor

The grow in the dark and some, grow in the forest and are very poisonous. Be careful out here.

Maggie’s Mushroom Farm

Some people think it’s named after royality, you now, Sir Realism, but it’s really Surrealism. See here.

Boots on the Ground

I guess one can fold her up, then unfold her at the soda shop. See the miracle here.

Foldable Drinker

A large pot is like a home for flowers and plants. And they pay no taxes, WTF? See one here.


Some days are just bad, and some are terrible, while the worst are KILLERS. See one here.

Some Days Are Killers
Guy Who Digs Jazz

The idea was an homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat, but we missed the mark, but hey, it’s art. See here.

A Day in the Life of America

Mother’s create the problem by telling us what NOT TO DO, then we want to do it. See it here.

She Said NO

Of course, when they have press conferences on another planet, this is your man, or thing. See thing here.

Alien Spokesperson

Why do the towers lean so much in Italy? I hope they don’t fall. See it standing here.

Leaning Tower (Red)

The lush forrest, fauna and fruit in the jungle makes you want to live there. See it here.

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

Of course Barbie would have her own custom made guitar. See the beast here.

Barbie’s Guitar


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