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Here are the latest arrivals at and the links to see them in their departments. When you absolutely, positively need your free art, you need to open the dream window and take a gander, or a goose.

An anchor is not always a bad thing. It keeps you in one place and stable, so there, see here.

The Anchor of Love

When he didn’t have hair dye running down his foreheard, he was being a real tool. See him here.

Guy Was a Real Tool (Calliflower Ears)

They fell so free and easy when they visit, but the turtles know they aren’t human. It’s the smell, here.

Alien Mermaids Love Turtles

Only a hand full of men and women changed Jazz, and Miles Davis was one of them. See him here.


Of course, an Alien traveling lights years from home will take his dog (Alien’s Best Friend). See here.

Some Aliens Bring Their Own Dogs

This is twist on that old cliche, but really, why did she marry him? See the Duke and Duchess here.

Behind Every Pretty Man There’s a Smart Woman

You shouldn’t judge a person by how they look. If they made the grade, give them a chance. Here.

Graduated with Honors

Sure, transportation changes over the years, but on the planet EuClipptus, they right the cat. See here.

Caterpillar Cab Home

The battle of Old River Lake took place and as the battle ended, they looked up and saw this, here.

Strawberry Moon June 6, 1864

Without light, there would be no sight. Without light, there would be no color. Feast your eyes, here.

Source of Light

The only reason aliens, ancient or newbees, would come to Earth would be for the food. See here.

They Fly 3 Billion Miles for Our Bagels

Where were you in 1996, or can you remember 1896? Here is a big party girl back then. See here.

New Years Eve 1996

Those nasty bastard flies in the summer. Here is a rare bred of insect that loves scum. See him here.

Diptera Scum Suckus

Even art gets jealous of other art, a Piccasso gives a Warhol a side look, while Dali laughs. See here.

Art Envy

Kids do the strangest things to get noticed, and then, when noticed, they realize the mistake, here.

Nobody Liked Billy’s Green Hair

Pizza should be round. There, I said it. Now look at this here.

Square Pizza

No Matter what we tell them, kids always think there is a monster in the room, the closet… See one here.

Monster under the Mattress

The average Joe can’t see what happens inside a Medical Board Review. See here how they dress.

Medical Board Review

There is nothing creepier than thinking that you are being watched. This is just an example. See here.

Hotel Art (Hidden Camera)

Every artist is face with the challenge of still life. We only wish the vases, plates and fruits danced. Here.

Still Life – Nature morte aux boulettes de fromage

Imagine if people could have pet dionsaurs! Wouldn’t that scare the other dogs in town. See here.


Everyone wishes they had a friend in hand, but really, where is his body? See here.

A Nerd in the Hand…

They said they wouldn’t send troops, but eventually, there were boots on the ground. See here.

Boots on the Ground

One day, all vegetables, fruits and tubers will grow on one plant. Uses less space, see here.

Future Farming

A small shrunken shrink might be good for you, assuming she would shrink the hourly rate. See here.

Honey, I Shrunk the Psychiatrist!

There is always an illusion connected to the truth, but everyone loves a parade. Look at these guys here.

High Priest Parade

To most people math is an Enigma, thus the name of the machine that did math real good. Here.

Numbers Game

Not sure why people need to give a cat a drug, but hey, don’t bogart that catnip, mama. See here.

Too Much Catnip at Night

It’s the luck of the draw, the fastest runner, the fastest swimmer. All of life is one big great race. Here.

The Great Race Two

He lived so long with the bubble, he actually believed it was part of his body and soul. See here.

Boy in the Bubble (Cubist)

Inventions and designs come from the strangest places. Was it the mouse, or the lady? See here.

Inspiration for the Electric Guitar

Technology has given us a lot, a simple picture language called Emjoi, emotion ticks and tags. See here.

2030 Emoji Awards (Life-Time Achievement)

You can always tell when a couple are going through a rough patch. One always turns to drink, here.

She’d Rather Be Drinking

These are the times which test our citizens, Constitution and calm. Never forget our fore parents, here.

In the Shadows of Our Mothers and Fathers

If you know the song, you get the joke, but really, how do Egyptians walk? See him not moving here.

“Stop Asking Me How I Walk!”

Frogs always have to come up for air, but they have fun swimming with those legs, wow. See here.

Morning Frog

Everyone likes a hot sportscar, and this one now goes for $100.000, so bucket-up, and down shift here.

1965 Selby Cobra Roadster

Those who do certain jobs, become their work. This man cuts a lot of glass. See him here.

The Diamond Cutter

Always something fun in the Forth of July Parade. I think they forgot the ice cream, right here.

Root Beer Float

Mothman is a humanoid creature people claim to have seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia around 1967. See a new dipiction here.

Mothman Revisited

Keith Haring’s worked jumped from cartoon page to the graphitti wall, in one fell swope. See a stab at his work, here.

Dance! (Homage to Keith Haring)

A child must conquer depth perception, size and logic at an early age. This is the first tool to us. See here.

Good Day for Learning

Art has always been a part of protest in history. After all the rights taking, it’s time to fight back. See here.


There is nothing like a little Picasso to get you up and out of bed. The question is, which side is up? Here.

Oral Arguments

It’s more than just being Prom Queen! Being named the Miss of a lake is an accomplishment. See here.

Miss Lake Erie

Mother Nature is at it again. See the dynamic colors and protection she has created here.

Scarlet Mormon

The most consistently modern artist of the 20th century, KANDINSKY and here is a tribute to him.

Swinging Again (Homage Kandinsky)

It’s always sad when you have your heart set on something, only to find out you were late. Here.

Who Took the Last Piece?

There was peace in the air in 1957 on the island and flowers and smiles were everywhere. See here.

Sri Lanka 1957

It’s always fun to go back to Picasso and walk a mile in his brush strokes. See another D-Casso here.

Black and White Kiss Revisited

We remember people the way we want to imagine them, not how they really are. See here.

She Had Everything Going For Her

More than walking like an Egyptian, it’s the eye make up and the way they sleep standing up. See here.

Full On Egyptian

Manatees (they hate to be called Sea Cows) do eat grass and leaves, but but don’t walk. See one here.

Happy Sea Cow


Some days, we just want to escape and get away from reality, off the grid, and alone. See here.


If there is a source of light, of course, there has to be a source of darkness. See one here.

Source of Darkness

There is something special about being next to another human as the day breaks. See here.

Morning Hug

The small towns in Tuscany is where you find the real people and the best food. See one place here.

Piazza Della Vittoria, Monticchiello, Italy

If it was good enough for Nipsey Russell, it was good enough for you. See the Green one’s wife here.

Mr. Green Jeans’ Wife

Kids don’t realize that Dads have monsters as well. Not under the bed, in the check book. See one here.

Dad’s Monster Zapped

It was only natural to pluck a string and make music and it was nothing to fret about. See them here.

Pick and Pluck

There is something pleasing with the smell of smoking pipe tobacco, but where there’s smoke, here.

Scottish Man Smoking Pipe

Why do they make famous people into those goofy bobbelheads? Well, this one is brand new, see here.

Melania Bobbleheads

One of the most beautiful places on the planet, Lake Como Italy. George Clooney lives there. See here.

Lake Como Italy

There is a weird effect of the light in a closet. And then you leave the closet to see the right light, here.

Light in the Closet


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