Salvador & Surrealism

Three Squares a Day at the Perfume Factory
Sunken Treasure
Which Witch Doctor
Then the Fire Came
Artist’s Bloodstream
Boots on the Ground
Trophy Fruit
National AI TEST
Back Off Rorschach
Just Jazz II
The Red Carpet
At the Mall with Marc Chagall
Belle of the Ball
Deer Abby
Fingers and Fowl
Seattle Coffee Shop, 1942
We’ve Got a Floater
Turkish Lava Lamps
I Don’t Like Mondays
Eight Dalis, No Waiting
Hey, Who Invited the Knitter?
Clean-Up Aisle 5 Day Drinking
Flu Season
Flowers Sleeping
Capt Hook’s Younger Brother, Steve
Pull Ups & Peyote
Poughkeepsie Puppet
The Family Two
Parade Balloon Wedding
Artificial Stupity Building
Cocktails in the Desert
AI Hummingbirds
The Living Toilet
Combination to your heart
Day 4 Night
Fellini & Key Lime Pie
New Umpire Uniforms 2048
Who Will Win?
Free Seaweed Wigs
Hello, Dali
One Tree Hill
Pattern Recognition
Pickled Sperm and Egg
Pirate and the Snail
Prayers & Sins
Purple Maple Syrple
Really, I will look like you one day?
Red Rain
Sailing Down the Woke River
Shanghai Noddle Factory
Snail Sucking Drug Addict
Starting Line
The Queen’s Kidney
Very Woke Sun
Why the Dangling Vase?
On the Wrong Track