Science & Aliens

Einstein’s Egg Cooker
Alien Handstand
Magnetic Attraction
Butt Trumpets
Pregnant Alien
Meteorite and Big Foot (Coincidence?)
AI Lamp
Oxygen Sensor
Sacred Reef
Alien Strawberry
Aliens Love Watermelon
Prototype Swiss Army Knife
Alien Spokesperson
Black Hole #333
Spy Balloon
Dad Was So Proud of Him (It)
Alien Brain Sniffer
Big Foot on Broadway
Eggbert – Personal Assistent
Alien Surfer in Firenze
Times Squared to the AI
Neutrino Catcher
Ordering Dessert at the Diner
The First CD (Ancient Aliens?)
Human Intervention
Alien Offspring
Computer Bug
Circus Buffalo
Space Doggie
Surveillance Hands

Artificial Intelligence
Ancient Aliens Were Involved
Alien on a Black Sand Beach
Alien Sex
Alien Teenager
Beekman (Venus Plumber)
Beta Receptors
Big Bang Two
Blended Family on Mars
Day Before the Big Bang
Garden of the Gods Tourist
He Watches Over Us
He’s Not From Here
Hot Alien Cheerleader
Is that Uranus?
Just a Bit Alien
Making Food on Mars
Mesmerized for Hours
Moonbase One
New Neutrinos
No One Looked Away
Pregnant on Mars
Preppy Blockhead
Someone Always Watching
Take Us to Your Reader
The Alien Came to the Party
The First Woman on Europa
The Last Door to Space
The Planet Musk
They Only Come Out at Night
We’re Not Alone