Still Life

Too Much to Drink
Morning Motivation
The Fool on the Hill
Screw Birthdays
Brown Eyed Girl
Spring Has Sprung
Sunset Buoy 24
Gondolier’s Break -Fondamenta Pontinello – Burano, Italy
Pot at the End of the Rainbow
Vase Lady
Limoncello in an Orange Room
Mom and Dad (Very Still Life)
Leaning Tower (Red)
Spring Messengers
Brickwork Orange, Pienza, Italy
Strawberry Moon
Fruit of the Vine
Living on the Edge
Cler Fleurs 7th ARR
Flower Auditions
Egyptian Artifacts
Radio Table
Nut on a Stick
Mother’s Old Amish Chair
O Little Town of . . .
All the Leaves Are Brown
Flash Drive Farm
Favorite Jug Band
Burano, Italy 1956
Chef Art
Zero Gravity Cheeries
Red Room with a Blue Chair
Life is a Bowl of Cherries
My Back Yard
Inside Games
All My Eggs in one Basket
Biloxi Mississippi 1997
Murder at the Potterybarn
Drums on the Beach
Forest of Legs
Free Fish Friday
Fried Green Tomatoes
Morning Wine
Museum of Modern Dogs
Single Malt (Big Gulp)
Sad Bachelor’s Pad
River of Illusions and Dreams