Visions & Illusions

Paisley in a Jar
Eat Your Vegetables
Is that uranus?
Too Many Blue Meanies
I wasted so much time in the forest of legs
So, how did you two meet?
Holiday Eyeball Cocktails
Putting your “eggs” in one basket
The memory of her sister
Franco Harris & Annie Lennox
Dartmouth Brain Freeze, 1869
He thought he was a bird
Volcanos & Rivers
Bowler’s Unite
Someone is watching you

The Rider & the Doggie
Modern Dogs Matter
She nose she’s different
Symbolic River of Doubts
Kevin, Wigs, Dragon, O.D.
St. John’s Depression

Playland on Saturday

Group Hug

Big Bamboo Lizard

Moody Bastard

They were always spaced out

He’s a vegetable, now