Visions & Illusions

Plastic See Through Swimwear
Underwater Golf
Broken Spirit
Student’s Unrealistic Demands
Queen of Rubber Duckys
Foldable Drinker
A Day in the Life of America
Puzzled Look, 2000 (restored)
Underground DC (Homenagem ao Sr. Fogo)
Cosmo Doubletake
Free Them All
We Are People
Terror at Chuck E. Cheese
Vin E. Guardia (Another All Nighter)
Guggenheim – The Pride of New York
Fancy Gearstick Knob
Gut Check
Equality & Diversity
Back Tattoo
Beautifully Useless Wall
Darmouth Brain Freeze
Eye Ball Cocktails
Flaming Ball and Mushroom
Gargoyle in a Box
Good Morning Mr. Escher
Prince Charles & the Doggy
Screaming Mountains
Shadows and Dwight
Sight Seeing from Heaven
The Big Eye
The Dipswitch Hitters
Volcanos & Rivers